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Gravity House Studio is a recording studio owned and operated by Brandon Grant, and strategically located away from the city in the heart of Sandy Springs, Georgia. The studio was established in 2015 by prominent music producers, engineers and artists, with over 30 years of experience combined. The Gravity House team is not only passionate about the business of music but also the needs and development of unique and qualified artists.  


Gravity House believes that all of the same values that we appreciate in people and places, like good energy, vibes and frequency  are found in all great music! So Gravity House is designed to attract all of the best vibes so artists can create music projects that will transcend space and time.

Music Studio Recording Studio A Room

At Gravity House Studio you will be surrounded by some of the most experienced professionals in the music business as well as the most incredible creative energy, open space, cutting edge technology, peace of mind to write, develop and master any and every beat, song and genre of music


Featuring three pristine rooms equipped with industry standard equipment, including:

  • Raven MTI Slates

  • Universal Audio Apollo interfaces

  • Miktek Microphone

  • Warm Audio 

  • Kaotica Eyeball

  • Mac computers

  • Neumann Microphone, and much more

Gravity House Principles:


Your Vibe Attracts your tribe, your sound, your space, your success and your effect.

  • Grind

  • Develop

  • Grow

  • Grind some more


Brandon Grant  Studio Producer

Brandon Grant

Hollywood Swizz Recording Engenier

Hollywood Swiss

Makaila Sheree Studio Assistant
Franklyn Zabala Studio Manager



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